Quiet operation: Don't be surprised if you don't here them

Continental Blowers and Exhausters are performing very quiet.

This is achieved by:

  • a construction which allows a nearly turbulence free flow of air or gas
  • an excellent sound attenuation due to the heavy gauge casing
  • statical balancing of each single impellers and
  • dynamical balancing of the complete rotor
  • the adherence of the predefined vibration level

All these measures effect that centrifugal blowers and exhausters create a sound pressure level of less than 85 dB (A), when the installed power is up to approx. 132 kW in an installed situation (with pipes on both inlet and oulet and without sound-isolating hood). Bigger blowers and exhausters exceed this level only slightly and the sound pressure level can be reduced with simple means.

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18/03/2020 - 20/03/2020
53. ESSENER TAGUNG für Wasserwirtschaft

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