Flexible: Variable flow characteristic

The flat characteristic of the curve allows easy adjustments of blower and exhauster performance to different volumetric flow.

Within the range of stable operation the flow or pressure can be adjusted easily by throttling the blower respectively the exhauster. This is done by simple butterfly valves which are installed at the inlet or outlet heads the machine. The butterfly valve produces a differential pressure, which in case of installation at the discharge end, changes the total pressure of the installation depending on the position of the valve.

In case of installation at the inlet side of the blower this creates a new curve underneath the standard performance curve, depending on the position of the butterfly valve.

The operation of a blower or exhauster in the surge area, thus in the lower range left of the end of the standard performance curve, will cause the machine surging or pulsating.

Sample cuvres you find here:

The drive arrangement by electric motor and v-belt allows an adjustment of the blower's rotational speed and therefore an increase or decrease of the blower's performance without any expending reconstruction or modification. Centrifugal blowers and exhausters can also be driven by a frequency converter.

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