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Centrifugal Blowers and more

We are not offering blowers and exhausters only but system conceptions, accessories and supply of services. For all series completely assembled, compact units are available, which keep the expenditure very small.

We supply blower and exhauster units including control and regulation devices, so you can be sure that all components are compatible with each other.


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Which are the advantages of Continental blowers?

  • Vertically split aluminum or cast iron casing - rigid and solid
  • Outboard bearing housings - easy to service
  • Impellers with low mass - low vibration + low noise
  • Precision machining with close tolerances - high efficiency
  • No complicated mechanics - simple maintenance


Multistage Centrifugal Blowers and Exhausters therefore offer quiet performance without vibrations.


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>> Flash animation of a 5-stage blower

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