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kind of solids (dust, fibres, etc.)

flow rate (m3/h, Nm3/h)

inlet temperature (°C, °K)

inlet density (kg/m3)

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outlet pressure (bar, kPa, mmWS)

differential pressure (bar, kPa, mmWS)

barometric pressure (bar, kPa, mmWS)

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Construction features:

drive arrangement (belt, direct, special)

motor specification (electric, gas, turbine)

electrical data (z. B. 400V/60Hz, 2-polig)

Sound pressure level (SPL) (dB (A) in 1 m)

accessories (filter, silencer, etc.)








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ATEX Zones 21 & 22

Since October 2010 Continental Industrie blowers are certified for ATEX Zones 21 & 22.


18/03/2020 - 20/03/2020
53. ESSENER TAGUNG für Wasserwirtschaft

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Piller Multistage Blowers

Continental Industrie GmbH takes over the sales of Multi-Stage blowers for Piller.

Safe blowers for explosive gases

Continental Industrie offers ATEX blower series for EX-zones 1 and 2 for the landfill and biogas industry.
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