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Within the last years our planning and development department in cooperation with two French research centers specialized in flow mechanics worked intensified on the optimization of the physical efficiency of our appliances.



A new generation of centrifugal blowers and exhausters was developed, which move and compress air or gas from 150 to 60.000 cubic meter per hour at air pressures up to 145 kPa or vacuum up to 57 kPa pulsation free, clean and dry.

For example our blower model 600 with impellers 9311 in an interval from 17.500 Nm³/h to 25.500 Nm³/h reaches an physical efficiency of more than 80 percent (adiabatic), growing up to a maximum of 83% at 21.000 Nm³/h . And this without any expendable control systems, a simple damper flap on the suction side of the blower is sufficient.

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