The Company Continental Industrie GmbH Blowers & Exhaustors has been established in April 1992. It was founded as independent distributor and engineering office of Continental Industrie S.A.S. (Saint Trivier sur Moignans, France) in Dormagen/Germany. Objects of the company are development, engineering and trade of blowers, exhausters, air-technical systems and machines.




We supply quiet Multistage Centrifugal Blowers and Exhausters in the range from 150 to 60000 m³/h for pressure (40 to 1450 mbar) and vacuum (30 to 570 mbar). For air and gas handling applications, with ATEX certificate optional. Whenever you require dry, clean and non pulsing air or gas, then you should specify Continental Industrie blowers and exhausters.


Uniform delivery of pulse free, oil free air, quiet performance in compliance with European and American standards and variable volume flow capabilities are just some of our advantages.


Acting partner is Egbert A. Boeckh (graduate engineer, Dormagen) who has been working in the field of air-technique and flow dynamic machines since 1982.


EN ISO 9001:2000   



We offer individual solutions for their specific requirements and individual needs.


Our quality management ensures the best completion of each project.


Our factory in France is certified according to the international standard EN ISO 9001 : 2000.





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ATEX Zones 21 & 22

Since October 2010 Continental Industrie blowers are certified for ATEX Zones 21 & 22.


18/03/2020 - 20/03/2020
53. ESSENER TAGUNG für Wasserwirtschaft

Continental Brochure

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Piller Multistage Blowers

Continental Industrie GmbH takes over the sales of Multi-Stage blowers for Piller.

Safe blowers for explosive gases

Continental Industrie offers ATEX blower series for EX-zones 1 and 2 for the landfill and biogas industry.
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